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I think we should be given 3 tries to increase our offer a bit more when it's too low.

I enjoyed your game fam. My favorite character was hammy. Game starts at 5:33

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Cute game! The presentation is nice. The wacky characters are entertaining! I only wish the mechanics of buying the items was a little more interesting and/or fleshed out. At the end you just get a score of how you did and it felt like there wasn’t anything “rewarding” or conclusive. Still, it was short and sweet. Nice job!

Edit: I forgot to mention a bug. When you complete the game, you're given the choice to retry. However, if you retry and get to the part where you have to input a number to buy the item. Pressing Space or Enter doesn't work, softlocking the game.

cute game! the characters are distinct and memorable! the bckgrd music for each of them fit well.

i didn't know the intention was to buy each product for the lowest possible price, ergo i didn't realise i'd lose money by not buying the crown and spell book. maybe i'm in the minority, but i think the goal/strategy could be explained more overtly.

games like this can be made in 48 hrs? that's pretty incredible imo, looking forward to see what you do next!

cool game, but i suck

my profit was  -1050

no photo cause it will show the right prices


The art is nice and the concept of the game opens up to infinite ways of development.

Unfortunately, there is no way to guess a fair price from the dialogues. You have to lose to see the right price and I really dislike this mechanics.